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News from February 2018 Bulletin

Posted by sirbranch37 on January 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM

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Happy New Year to all the Sons in Retirement of Branch 37, Placer Gold! I hope you are not like me and just crossed out 2017 on last year’s resolutions and wrote in 2018. Many thanks to last year’s Big Sir, Paul “P.T.” McDaniel. Paul will be a hard act to follow. He brought sincerity and humor and fellowship to every meeting and en-counter. Paul truly embodies the mission of SIR, “to improve the lives of our mem-bers through fun activities and events – while making friends for life”.

I also want to recognize our two outgoing Directors, Warren Manley and Pete Politi. These two men faithfully attended the BEC meetings and actively represented your interests. SIR does not just happen, it takes enthusiastic and selfless volunteers to keep all of the meetings and activities on track. And Directors, like many of our volun-teers, work behind the scenes so you can enjoy gathering with your friends. We can always use more support and most volunteers would agree that they get more enjoy-ment out of SIR by helping on committees and activities. If you are interested in doing more, talk to Bill Gray or Dave Wheatley.

Congratulations to Century Sir Harold Gein and Senior Sir Roland Gaubert, who received their certificates at the January Luncheon. Those are significant milestones and we value you as experienced members of our organization.

One more reminder, the BEC recently changed our policy regarding calling in if you are going to miss a luncheon. In the past you only needed to call in if you were going to miss two or more consecutive luncheons, but we are now asking you to call or email Wayne Helley anytime you are going to miss a luncheon meeting. This will allow us to better track and manage attendance. Your adherence to this policy is greatly appreciated.

We need to keep recruiting this year. New members keep SIR growing and strong. Invite a friend or neighbor as a guest. And warmly welcome new members. It is hard to sit with strangers at lunch or walk blindly into a new activity. Sometimes men join and then drop out after a few meetings because they feel like outsiders. Please reach out to new members and make them feel comfortable and welcome. Who knows, may-be you will find a new friend!

The next BEC meeting is January 25th at 8:30am. Remember, we are meeting at a new location, the Sierra Grill Smokehouse, 2515 Grass Valley Highway. Everyone is welcome to come to the BEC meetings. You can participate or just come and watch and enjoy a good breakfast. I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy 2018 and we will see you at the luncheon on February 1st.

Your BIG SIR Bill Gray


Harold R. Gein, also known as “Buck” to his fellow Sir’Swas presented with the President Award by Don Dill for achieving that life mark of 100 years. He has been a member of Branch 37 since 1983. He was born on January the 23rd in 1918 in the city of Fair-field, California. Growing up and attending high school he played football and was a running back as well as a middle linebacker. He attended Chico State University where he ma-jored in Social Science and Industrial Arts. In World War II he found himself in the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) as an aircrew member at the flight position of Nav-igator and saw duty in the European theater flying bombing missions aboard the B-24 “Liberator”. He flew 37 missions out of Foggia, Italy. His aircraft was shot down on two occa-sions but he was always recovered and returned to active status. He received the Dis-tinguished Flying Cross (DFC), two purple hearts, four Air Medals, and two presi-dential citations and held the rank of Captain. Just prior to exiting the military in 1945, while on leave, he married Helen Mulcahy.

He has one daughter Kathryn who is a retired nurse and is currently teaching in Walnut Creek, California. He also has one grandson. After his discharge from the military he entered the field of education teaching math at Placer High School in Au-burn. In 1954 he became a school counselor, and five years later was vice principle. The next five years found him at the school principle position. In 1966 he was ele-vated to the position of the District School Superintendent. He retired in 1983 after a successful career in education. He has many interesting stories to relate about the area. He recalls when Auburn had a population of 3,790 and Placer High School had a great enrollment since it matriculated students from an area for many miles around Auburn.

He was our Big Sir in 1992. He is a life member of our Auburn Elks # 1619, and is a member of the Tahoe Club. He is an avid member of our poker unit. He re-cently fractured his hip but is on the mend. While recuperating at the Sienna health facility he had the poker players as guests for a friendly game at Sienna. Way to go Buck. Buck is truly a great American and a success story.


Governor Don Dill presents Roland L Gaubert with the Senior Sir President Award. Roland was born in 1928 in Alameda, Califor-nia and grew up in the Oakland area. He graduated from Fremont High School in 1946. He enlisted in the United States Navy out of school and served in Hawaii where he trained in radar, both in operations and as a technician. After the Navy he attended U.C. Berkeley for three semesters. During this time he worked as an apprentice carpenter and went on to become a jour-neyman in the Oakland-Contra Costa area.

He attended San Francisco State University, majoring in Industrial Arts and Math, where he received his Masters degree and Cali-fornia teaching credentials. (During this time he drove a taxicab and comments that he received much of his real world education there.)

He relocated to the Auburn area in 1957 and taught woodshop and math at Placer High School for two years. In 1959, with the opening of the new Del Oro High School in Loomis, he assisted that facility in setting up its program and getting the school operational. He remained and went on to a long twenty-eight year career as a teacher in woodshop, math, and electron-ics. He retired in 1987 and knowing Roland we are sure that he shaped many young lives.

Roland and his lovely wife Christine reside in Newcastle, Ca. They have two daughters, five grand children, and four great grand children. His grandfather accom-panied the great author Jack London to Alaska in 1898. His favorite thing to do is to spend time at the family cabin on the Stanislaus River in Calaveras County where he enjoys being able to step out the door and catch his breakfast.


The February speaker will be Janine Windeshausen, Placer County Treasurer /Tax Collector. She is the Placer County Administra-tor of the Pioneer Energy Power Company and can answer our ques-tions about this new electric power alternative to the PG&E service. This has been a source of confusion for many of us and this will be our chance to clarify your options.

Jim Maneggie, Program Chairman


February 1 Luncheon Meeting

February 10 Bulletin Material Due

February 22 Executive Board Meeting

8:30 am @ Sierra Grill Smokehouse. All Sirs Welcome


Gumbo & Creole Chicken