SIR Branch 37

Sons in Retirement
Auburn, California


                     February 22, 23018




Officers:                                                                       Directors:

Big Sir, Bill Gray                                                          George Remaley, 1 Yr.

Little Sir, Dave Wheatley          Absent                     Mike Moore, 1 Yr.

Secretary, Doug Perry                                                Rich Johnson, 2 Yr.

Asistant Secretary, Tom Bowen                               Kent Macdonald, 2 Yr.           

Treasurer, Al Mattson                                                 Paul McDaniel, 3 Yr.                           

Assistant Treasurer, Kim Douglas                          Walt Reno, 3 Yr.




CALL TO ORDER:  Sir Bill Gray at 8:30 AM.


INVOCATION:  Sir Tom Bowen

MINUTES: MSP to approve the January 25, 2018 minutes as submitted. Quorum established at 11.


TREASURERS REPORT: Sir Al Mattson reported the February 2018 beginning balance of $2,350.84 and an ending balance of $2,645.84, including $67 from Sirs Pete Politi, Kent MacDonald and John Benedict. Many thanks gentlemen. Also $32 was donated from sponsor rebates. Again, thank you Sirs.



Publicity: No report.


Membership Status: Sir Pete Politi recommended the addition of three new members, Frank Ferguson #193 (Auburn Journal ad), Frank Nissen #190 (Branch 179 transfer) and John Prendergast #194, sponsor Jack Kordick.  MSP   Sir Rich Gerber #168 is moving out of state. An indirect member, Sir Charles Onnias has passed away.


Emeritus Status: No members added.


Attendance: 70% at the February 2018 luncheon with 108 members, 1 speaker and 9 guests.


Absenteeism: Sirs Pete Polite and George Remaley contacted 7 members with potential absenteeism issues.  No action recommended at this time.  


Bulletin: Sir Mike Moore reported the bulletin is AOK.


Form 27: Membership increased to 155 with 3 new members and 1 removal.




House Keeping Items:

Sir Al Matteson resubmitted the 2017 Annual Audit Report again. It appears we are too quick for State, who changed Form 29 after we submitted on the old form.




Sir Frank Michny has agreed to move from assistant Attendance/Badges to Chair and Sir Wayne Helley will move to the assistant position. Thank you, Wayne for your tireless efforts and thank you Frank for stepping up.




Program:  Sir Jim Maneggie reports that our March speaker will be Drew Kennedy, Principal Geologist at SAGE Engineers, Inc. on the topic of earthquakes.  


Computer Club: No report. 


Bocce Ball: Alive and well, but rain and cold hampering play.


Golf:  Sir Gene Vogel mentioned that the Polar Bears meet on Tuesdays at Black Oaks.


Poker: Sir Doug Perry reported Poker meets Tuesdays and Fridays. Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night… well anything after 9PM is night-night.


Model Airplanes: No report


Dining Out: Sir Kent MacDonald reported the first Dining Out will be Wednesday April 11, 2018.


Activities:  Sir Kent MacDonald has scheduled a River Cats game for May 15, 2018, a Road Trip in April/May on the Delta Farm and Wine Trail with lunch in Clarksburg. Sir Kent also requested approval for a new activity, Woodworking with 2 Co-Chairs. MSP


Fishing: Sir Walt Reno reported the first meeting was on 2/21. Three activities are planned so far for 2018 in March, April and May. Catch some BIG ONES guys!


Sunshine: Sir Tom Bowen sent get well cards to Sir Marv Fetzer, Gunter Volgtmann, Dave McGuire and Ed Vincent and a condolence cards to Art Jepson whose wife passed away.





Meeting Adjourned 09:43 AM.  

Doug Perry