SIR Branch 37

Sons in Retirement
Auburn, California


                     September 28, 2017



Officers:                                                                       Directors:

Big Sir, Paul McDaniel                                               Warren Manley, 1 Yr.

Little Sir, Bill Gray                                                        Pete Politi, 1 Yr.

Secretary, Doug Perry                                                Mike Moore, 2 Yr.                  

Assistant Secretary, Tom Bowen                             George Remaley, 2 Yr. Absent

Treasurer, Al Mattson                                                 Rich Johnson, 3 Yr.                 

Assistant Treasurer, Dave Wheatley                       Kent MacDonald, 3 Yr.


CALL TO ORDER:  Sir Paul McDaniel at 8:30 AM.


INVOCATION:  Sir Tom Bowen

MINUTES:  MSP to approve the August 31, 2017 minutes as submitted. Quorum established at 11.


TREASURERS REPORT: Sir Al Mattson reported an August 2017 beginning balance of $2,921.93 and an ending balance of $2,735.01. MSP



Publicity: Sir Bill Gray report selling several Sir license plate holders.  


Membership Status: Sir Pete Politi reported one new member, Wil Thomas #176, sponsor, Gene Vogel.  MSP


Emeritus Status: Sir Barney Gruber was approved to Emeritus status. MSP


Attendance: At the September 7th luncheon, there were 104 members, 1 speaker and 6 guests; 111 total.


Absenteeism: Sir Pete Polite recommended moving Sir Randy Peeters #77 and Sir Bill Toy #159 to inactive and dropping Sir Ron Andre #136 and Sir John Bergman #104 for excessive absents and no response to Form 04. letters sent 9/12/17. MSP BEC member discussion reiterated allowing Sir Members 6 months absenteeism relief for medical reasons, themselves and their spouses.


Bulletin: Sir Mike Moore to publish the Holiday Luncheon – Ladies Invited notice of ticket sales.


Form 27: Membership decreased to 150 with 1 new and 4 removals (2 inactive, 2 drops). Median age, 78.98.


Sir Branch Historical Plaques: Sir Al Mattson will bring the plaques to Denny’s for permanent display in our meeting room.




Sir Al Mattson successfully registered Branch 37 in the Veteran’s Day parade, 11/11/17. It will be his truck & trailer with room for about 20. Please sign up, it’s a great way to advertise SIRs.






Program:  Sir Jim Maneggie reports that our October’s speaker will be Detective Adam Cline of the Auburn Police Department discussing the current opioid drug problem in our area. November’s speaker will be Jenine Windeshausen, the Placer County Treasurer-Tax Collector.


Computer Club: Sir Chuck Vrooman was absent.


Social Committee: Sir Doug Perry reported the results of his email request for this year’s Holiday Luncheon. The vote favored Beef Medallions and Salmon in a white sauce at $22.00 per person. Budget established at ticket printing $30.00 and wine purchases at $150.00. MSP


Bocce Ball: Sir Al Anderson reported 16 players at the last tournament. Branch 37 came in 3rd of 14 teams! Way to go guys!   


Golf:  Sir Gene Vogel reported golf going well. Last tourney 9/25 was at Timber Creek and there’s a tourney 10/25 at Auburn Valley as well as the usual Tuesday game at Black Oak.


Poker: Sir Doug Perry reported al is well at Poker. Members had their Summer BBQ at Sir Bob Souza’s home with 14 attending including Ladies.


Model Airplanes: No report


Dining Out: Sir Kent MacDonald noted the upcoming Dinner on October 18th at Sierra Grill would be the last of 2017. 35 have signed up to date.


Fishing: Sir Al Mattson reported that Branch 79 has recognized Branch 37 as good members in standing. 9/28 & 9/29 was a fishing expedition at Lake Almanor.


Sunshine: Sir Tom Bowen reported that he had sent out get well cards to Barney Gruber and Bill Toy.  


Attendees:  Sir Pete Politi noted that Sir Kim Douglas, next year’s Assistant Treasured was in attendance. Thanks for coming to our BEC meeting.



Meeting Adjourned 09:30 AM.   

Doug Perry