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News from September 2018 Bulletin

Posted by sirbranch37 on August 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM

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Hello Sirs.

Every luncheon we ask you to put a couple of dollars into the tubes on the table. This is for the various goods and services we need to keep our branch functioning. But we rarely tell you how we spend the money, so I thought a brief breakdown might help.

In 2017 Branch 37’s actual expenses were $2565, or about $17 per member (assuming 153 active members). This does not include the $16 for luncheons, because that goes directly to the Elks Club.

A rough breakdown (per person, per year) of where that money goes is:

$3.00 for insurance (covering our luncheons and activities)

$3.00 to the State for training, meetings, and administration

$7.50 for printing (Bulletin and Roster) and postage

$2.50 for branch supplies (badges, certificates, tickets, etc.)

$1.00 for speaker lunches (the speakers are free, but we pay for their lunch)

The Treasurer’s reports are reviewed monthly at the BEC meeting and we make sure that all expenditures are appropriate and reasonable.

Our revenue comes from donations and the Opportunity Drawing at the luncheons. Since we only get money at the luncheons and usually 100 members attend the luncheon each month, we need to generate approxi-mately $26 per attending member per year just to break even. This is why you see a suggestion of $2 donation on the Table Tubes. Not everyone con-tributes; we have been averaging about $1.40 per attendee, thanks to the generous gifts of a few members. Fortunately, the Opportunity Drawing has helped to close the gap.

Some branches have had to demand annual dues because they could not cover their expenses. We are fortunate in not having to consider such an action. A couple of dollars each meeting is less than the proverbial cup of coffee. It is very little for all of the comradery and entertainment you receive at the luncheons and activities. (We don’t even pay Doug for his jokes!)

Please consider the Table Tubes a great value, not a burden.

The next BEC meeting is Thursday, August 30 at 8:30am. We are moving to Mel’s Diner, 1730 Grass Valley Highway. Everyone is encouraged to come to the BEC meetings.

And the next Luncheon is September 6, right after La-bor Day. Don’t forget what the columnist Doug Larson said, “If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend”. Drive safe!

Your BIG SIR Bill Gray


Our SIR of the month of August is Gerry Rawson, born in 1938, in San Bernardino, CA. and has one brother, who now lives on a boat in the San Diego harbor. Gerry attended high school in Van Nuys, CA. where he graduated in 1956, after being involved in ROTC and the chess club. His part time job was as a floor guard in a Van Nuys roller skate park, where he kept order, and included skating with Debbie Reynolds and Kim Novak. He then attended Valley College in North Hollywood.

In 1958, he joined the Air National Guard and served for six years, stationed at the Van Nuys Airport. He was a radio maintenance technician, and serviced F86 fighters, one of the very first jets. He then worked two years at a sheet metal fabricator, and assisted in the de-sign and construction of the very first tent trailer. It was then on to American Safety Corporation for 11 years, start-ing in Detroit, MI., but soon transferred to Santa Clarita, when he figured a California boy had no place in the snow. He worked/supervised as an industrial engineer at many of the company’s eleven facili-ties, and was involved as a trouble shooter. He also designed safety belts for autos/ airplanes, and the current airplane seat belt is his design. He left after being told that he could not have a beard, unfortunately 8 month before he was eligible for retirement benefits. His next career was as a self-employed contractor, and he (and spouse) moved in 1985 to Frazier Park up off the Grapevine, bought 112 acres, and built her art studio at 6,940 foot elevation. Together they built 8 houses in the area, including a spe-cial order solar pole-built cabin.

He met his Lady Elizabeth when the moving truck from Michigan also con-tained her furniture. They were married in 1984, and moved to Sebastopol, combining their six children. They now have twelve grandchildren, most of which are in California. The wedding was held on the 3 mast 76 foot schooner “Shearwater”, having sailed from Ventura with 28 guests to Anacapa Island. The ship was captained by Elizabeth’s uncle, who flew first for the RAF and then the USAF in WWII. During WWII, the schoon-er was used to search for German submarines off the East Coast.

They moved to Sebastopol in 1997 for four years for Elizabeth to complete a Masters at Sonoma State University. She is a published author, writing “Who Cares”, a book about elder care giving. More recently, she has written “The Care Giver Ad-vantage” which focuses on care giving by the immediate family. They started going over to Truckee to see a new grandchild and found their current home in Colfax on line while camping at the Rollins Lake campground. Gerry joined SIRs in 2011 and plays with the Friday poker group. He also works around home on their three acres. Over the years, Gerry has had many cars, and he often dreams about searching for them, but confesses that he always loses them.

It was a pleasure to present this profile of Gerry.

Dave Wheatley, Profiler


Our September speaker will be Michael Woodbridge District Ranger for the American River Ranger District in Foresthill. He manages 200,000 acres of National Forest System lands on the Tahoe National Forest. He has degrees in many forestry areas. He has worked for many years with a number of groups in conservation and environmental Pro-grams from Alaska to California.

With all of the problems facing our forests today his presenta-tion will be highly valuable and insightful.

Jim Maneggie, Program Chairman


Sept. 6 Luncheon Meeting

Sept. 10 Bulletin Material Due

Sept. 27 Executive Board Meeting

8:30 am @ Original Mel’s Dinner, 1730 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn - All Sirs Welcome


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