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News from December 2018 Bulletin

Posted by sirbranch37 on November 27, 2018 at 10:00 AM

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Have a happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you enjoy family and food and football, preferably in that order. Some interesting trivia: the Wednesday be-fore Thanksgiving is said to be the best day for bar sales in America. No one is quite sure why, but it may be in anticipation of relatives visiting the next day.

Thanks to Placer County Deputy Walsh for talking about fraud, identi-ty theft, and robocalls. Like he said, you cannot stop it, but you can take ac-tions to reduce the risk. Incredibly, it is estimated that Americans will get over 40 BILLION robocalls in 2018. Deputy Walsh’s best advice is that if you get a robocall, don’t talk and hang up.

We presented two more Senior Certificates at the November Lunch-eon. Don Moran turns 90 this November and received the State Senior Sir Certificate. Bob Pridmore turns 95 and receives the Super Senior Sir Certifi-cate. Congratulations to both of these men.

Congratulations also to the winners of our November Opportunity Drawing. Art Jepsen won 1st place, Cliff Heitz won 2nd place, and Denny Pad-dock won 3rd place. Marv Fetzer and Rich Cortez each got a bottle of wine and Duane Voges and Greg DiPuccio each got SIR license plate holders. Thanks to everybody who supports our Branch by buying Opportunity Draw-ing tickets.

I want to also thank the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) for their hard work this year. They faithfully attended the monthly meetings and worked together to thoughtfully manage the direction of the Branch. You all received some direct correspondence from the State President and his staff, but the BEC received quite a bit more. The state is trying to make some changes to SIR, to keep it growing and vital. Our BEC agreed with some of the ideas, but not with others. Through surveys and emails we tried to be sure our voice was heard at the state level. You will probably hear more about this next year. But at this time I want to acknowledge the group’s pa-tience and persistence and I am grateful for their support.

The next BEC meeting is Thursday, November 29th, at 8:30am, at the Original Mel’s Diner, 1730 Grass Valley High-way. Everyone is welcome to attend the BEC meetings. Come and enjoy breakfast with your fellow Sirs.

Your BIG SIR Bill Gray


Our SIR of the month of November is Jack Kordich, born October 17, 1940, on the Island of Vis, on the Adriatic Sea, in Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia), where he had an older sister. Due to WWII, the fami-ly was moved in 1944 out of the war zone to Italy by the British. Three months later, the European Relief Agency moved to the family to Egypt where they spent four years as Displace Persons. Jack’s Dad worked in the camp making tombstones. In 1951, the family had the opportunity to move the Canada or Australia, but instead moved to San Pedro where Jack’s Dad became a commercial fisherman. In 1952, the family moved to Cupertino to be near rela-tives

Jack attended Fremont HS in Sunnyvale, where he participated in all sports but baseball, grad-uating in 1960. After attending classes at Foothills and De Anza Colleges, he received an invitation to join the Army. Instead, he served in the Navy for four years, working in port on repair ships, stationed in Sasabo, Japan and then Long Beach. They repaired whatever was needed on destroyers.

He then went to work for Hewlett Packard at the original headquarters on Page Mill Rd. in Palo Alto, where two of his cousins were employed as CFOs. He spent 34 years with HP, working in Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Rose-ville. With the Roseville assignment, they moved to their current home in New-castle. He retired in 2000, in Roseville, where he was the Traffic Manager, overseeing shipping carriers, shipments, payments and export stats.

He met his Lady Maureen at HP, where she worked in finance with one of his cousins. She was subbing delivering mail when they met, and they were married Christmas Eve, in 1969, honeymooning at Crater Lake. They have two children, a son and daughter, both of whom live in Loomis. The son works from home for Veem, a Russian company, where he fixes computer interface issues worldwide. The daughter works for Placer County in contracts.

Jack joined SIRs in September, 2007. Current interests include grow-ing Merlot grapes on 4.9 acres in Newcastle, planted 18 years ago, and produc-ing 45 gallons of wine per year. He gives away 90%, including two bottles to SIRs each month. Thank you Jack! He also plays golf, shoots pool, and fish-es with a number of our SIRs. His advice: “It is not good for you, unless you like it”.

It was a pleasure to present this profile of Jack.

Dave Wheatley, Profiler


Dec 6 Holiday Luncheon

Dec 10 Bulletin Material Due

Dec N/A Executive Board Meeting

8:30 am @ Original Mel’s Dinner, 1730 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn - All Sirs Welcome


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