SIR Branch 37

Sons in Retirement
Auburn, California


                     September 27, 2018



Officers:                                                                         Directors:

Big Sir, Bill Gray                                                           George Remaley, 1 Yr.

Little Sir, Dave Wheatley                                            Mike Moore, 1 Yr.

Secretary, Doug Perry                                                Rich Johnson, 2 Yr.

Assistant Secretary, Tom Bowen                             Kent MacDonald, 2 Yr.           

Treasurer, Al Mattson                                                 Paul McDaniel, 3 Yr.                Absent

Assistant Treasurer, Kim Douglas         Absent    Walt Reno, 3 Yr.


Additional Distribution: Woody Shields (Little Sir elect) & Cal Conley (Director elect).


CALL TO ORDER:  Sir Bill Gray at 8:30 AM.


INVOCATION:  Sir Tom Bowen

MINUTES: MSP to approve the August 30, 2018 minutes as submitted. Quorum established at 10.


TREASURERS REPORT: Sir Al Mattson reported a September 2018 beginning balance of $3,279.41 and an ending balance of $3,853.01. MSP




Publicity: Sir Dave Wheatley reported that the usual publications have been notified. In addition, Sir Dave Wheatley discussed the formation of a committee (Sirs Pete Politi, Kent MacDonald, Jim Bean, and Dave Wheatley) to develop an approach to solicit and track new members, with a recommendation to be presented at the next BEC.


Membership Status: Sir Pete Politi reported there are no new member this month and two members have passed away; Sir Pete Biersteker and Sir Will Thomas.


Emeritus Status: No additions.


Attendance: The September 6 luncheon had 102 members, 0 guests, 3 speakers, 2 visitors; 104 total.


Absenteeism: No members were contacted. No recommendations at this time.


Bulletin: Sir Mike Moore had nothing to report.


Form 27: Membership declined by two members who passed away for a new total of 152.


Sir Al Mattson noted that the Veterans’ Day float has been scheduled for the 11/11 parade.




Sir Bill Gray reported that State has requested Branch input on 20 survey questions focused on ways to improve the SIR organization and its future. BEC member responses were solicited and votes recorded on each question. Sir Bill Gray will submit a summary to State under separate cover.


Sir Bill Gray discussed two new rules: Rule 67 removes the requirement to attend as a visitor, one luncheon prior to becoming a member and Rule 90 requiring a member to request his move to inactive status. BEC members had no disagreement with either rule change.


Sir Bill Gray suggested adding the remaining license plate holder to the opportunity drawings. MSP.




Program:  Sir Jim Maneggie reports that for October the speaker will be David Gibson, a licensed hearing aid dispenser. November’s speaker will be Jason Welsh, Deputy Sheriff for Placer County speaking on the defense against ROBO calls.


Computer Club: No report. 


Social Committee: Sir Doug Perry, Social Committee Chair reported that the Holiday Luncheon-Ladies Invited $23.00 tickets are on sale today and all subsequent BEC and luncheon meetings through the December 6th luncheon. Sir Tuk Tukloff suggested adding sing along of Christmas songs to the agenda for the December luncheon. BEC members agreed. Sir Tukloff will lead the attendees.


Bocce Ball: No report.


Golf:  Sir Gene Vogel reported that last Monday’s area Champions Golf Tournament at Auburn Valley CC. Two Champs were winnersCongratulations to Rich Cortez! Not only did Rich win the low net but also won the flight 2 back 18 and was 2nd in flight 2 back 9.  Pretty good day for Rich!

We also had a winner in flight 1.  Walt Reno took 3rd. place for front 9. This is followed by Dennis Koehn who took 2nd. place on closest to the pin on #8. Well done all! Next tournament is at Apple Mountain, Monday October 15th. 9:00 A.M. 2 Man Best Ball.  $45.


Poker: Sir Doug Perry reported Poker is alive and well.


Model Airplanes: No report


Dining Out: Sir Kent MacDonald reported the Dining Out at Strings in Auburn was well attended with 32. Sir Tuk Tukloff thanked Sir Kent for all his efforts. Many thanks from all members Sir Kent!! A possible Dining Out at Monte Vista Inn in Dutch Flat in in the works.


Day Trips: No report.


Fishing: No report.


Sunshine: Sir Tom Bowen sent a condolence cards to the families of Sir Pete Biersteker and Sir Will Thomas.



Meeting Adjourned 09:44 AM.  

Doug Perry