SIR Branch 37

Sons in Retirement
Auburn, California



October 25, 2018


Officers:                                                                         Directors:

Big Sir, Bill Gray                                                           George Remaley, 1 Yr.

Little Sir, Dave Wheatley                                             Mike Moore, 1 Yr.

Secretary, Doug Perry                                                 Rich Johnson, 2 Yr.

Assistant Secretary, Tom Bowen                             Kent MacDonald, 2 Yr.

Treasurer, Al Mattson                                                 Paul McDaniel, 3 Yr.

Assistant Treasurer, Kim Douglas Absent            Walt Reno, 3 Yr.

Additional Distribution: Woody Shields (Little Sir elect) & Cal Conley (Director elect).

CALL TO ORDER: Sir Bill Gray at 8:30 AM.



MINUTES: MSP to approve the October 29, 2018 minutes as submitted. Quorum established at 11.

TREASURERS REPORT: Sir Al Mattson reported a beginning October 2018 balance of $4,848.83 ($3,560.83 net of prepaids) and an ending balance of $5,775.65, including $1,978 ($3,797.65 net) for tickets to the December Holiday Luncheon-Ladies Invited event. MSP


Publicity: Sir Dave Wheatley reported that due to the Holiday Luncheon with prepaid seating, no notices will be placed in local papers this period.

Sir Dave Wheatley discussed the formation of a committee, the Membership Drive Committee (Sirs Pete Politi, Kent MacDonald, Jim Bean, Woody Shields and Dave Wheatley) to develop an approach to solicit and track new members, with recommendations to be presented at the next BEC.

Sir Wheatley also requested that Branch 37 place an ad in the Auburn Journal to invite new members to join. Cost $65. MSP

Membership Status: Sir Pete Politi reported there are no new members and no drops this month. He contacted Sir Ross Belin #58 on his 5 in 12 missed meetings. Sir Ross indicated he would be attending the December Holiday Luncheon.

Emeritus Status: No additions.

Attendance: The November 1st luncheon had 102 members, 1 guest, 1 speaker, 1 visitor, total 105.

Absenteeism: No actions recommended.

Bulletin: Sir Mike Moore had nothing to report.

Form 27: Membership unchanged at 150.


Sir Dave Wheatley discussed what the Membership Drive Committee is doing and what they see as the BEC’s responsibilities. The committee’s goals include adding 20 new members for a net gain to 160. The committee is meeting again in December to finalize their goals.

Sir Bill Gray discussed an Elks request to change the Luncheon to $17.00 from $16.00 or move the salad course to the buffet line vs served at the tables. The BEC voted and approved to move the salad course to the buffet line and maintain the $16.00 cost. MSP


Program: Sir Jim Maneggie reports that January’s speaker will be a representative from the River Cats triple-A baseball team.

Computer Club: No report.

Social Committee: Sir Doug Perry, Social Committee Chair reported that 86 Holiday Luncheon-Ladies Invited tickets have been sold, with two to six additional possible by next week

Bocce Ball: Sir Bill Gray reported 9 players at the Monday rain enhanced games.

Golf: Sir Gene Vogel reported that at the last tournament is Monday, 11/19 at Black Oak, Rich Cortez placed 2nd settling the issue that he has been “sandbagging” all year! So far 17 have committed to the $39 membership

Poker: Sir Doug Perry reported Poker is alive and well. Two Fridays ago there was a Royal Straight Flush in Hearts and 4 Aces during a 4 hour game. The moon and tides must have been just right!!

Model Airplanes: No report

Dining Out: Sir Bill Gray will be 2019’s Chair. Thanks Bill!

Day Trips: No report. New trips next year.

Fishing: Sir Walt Reno reported the weather has curtailed fishing excursions.

Sunshine: Sir Tom Bowen sent a get-well card to Sir Kent Mac Donald. It must have been successful as he was in attendance. A hearty soul!!

Note: Due to the December holidays, there will be no BEC meeting in December.

Meeting Adjourned 09:30 AM.

Doug Perry