SIR Branch 37

Sons in Retirement
Auburn, California


                     July 26, 2018



Officers:                                                                       Directors:

Big Sir, Bill Gray                                                           George Remaley, 1 Yr.

Little Sir, Dave Wheatley                                            Mike Moore, 1 Yr.

Secretary, Doug Perry                                                Rich Johnson, 2 Yr.

Assistant Secretary, Tom Bowen                             Kent MacDonald, 2 Yr.           

Treasurer, Al Mattson               Absent                     Paul McDaniel, 3 Yr.                           

Assistant Treasurer, Kim Douglas         Absent    Walt Reno, 3 Yr.


CALL TO ORDER:  Sir Bill Gray at 8:30 AM.


INVOCATION:  Sir Tom Bowen

MINUTES: MSP to approve the June 28, 2018 minutes as submitted. Quorum established at 10.


TREASURERS REPORT: Sir Al Mattson reported a July 2018 beginning balance of $2,985.16 and an ending balance of $3,157.02. MSP



Publicity: Sir Dave Wheatley reported all publications contacted to list the monthly luncheon speaker. The Auburn had a front-page reference to our guest speakers upcoming August 2nd.


Membership Status: Sir Pete Politi reported one new member this month; Gary Larson, #17, sponsor Sir Don Moran. Also, Sir William Rhyne # 144 has passed away.


Emeritus Status: One member recommended.; Sir Arlan Deutsch #69. MSP   Emeritus letters to be sent this week.


Attendance: The July 5, 2018 luncheon had 94 members, 2 guests, 1 speaker, 0 visitors; 97 total.


Absenteeism: Sir Pete Polite contacted 4 members with potential absenteeism issues. He recommended adding one to Emeritus status noted above.


Bulletin: Sir Mike Moore suggested simplifying the absenteeism notice in the bulletin. MSP.


Form 27: Membership stayed the same with one new member and the loss of a member.




Sir Tom Bowen reported that the Sierra Scenic Train trip to Reno has been cancelled; not enough interest (needed 30).


Sir Bill Gray, in response to BEC members’ requests, suggested moving the BEC meeting location to Mel’s Diner, 1730 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA. MSP.


Doug Perry, Social Committee Chair recommended the Holiday Luncheon-Ladies Invited include Medallions of Beef and Salmon in a White Sauce for $23.00 per ticket, a $150 wine drawing (approx. 18 bottles) and a ticket printing cost of $25. MSP




Doug Perry will investigate if past Big Sirs Buck Gein and Bob Souza received their Big Sir badges


Big Sir Gill Gray reminder BEC members of the officer elections at the August luncheon.


Little Sir Dave Wheatley noted that our membership is flat and requested everyone to try find potential members as guests for our future luncheons.




Program:  Sir Jim Maneggie reports that for August we will have a trio of speakers on scams, fraud, and abuse directed against seniors. Laura Mitchell, Victim Advocate with the District Attorney’s Office, Shannon Quigley Assistant DA on family protection and elder abuse and Karen Bone, Sr. Counselor for Adult Protective Services. In September, the speaker will be Michael Woodbridge, Senior Ranger for Forrest Hill.


Computer Club: No report. 


Social Committee: Sir Doug Perry’s report above. He also noted that the December luncheon entertainer has doubled his fee.


Bocce Ball: Among falling trees and high temperatures had 14 players last week! Be sure to duck and drink plenty of liquids, fellas!


Golf:  Sir Gene Vogel reported the second round of State qualifiers is coming 8/21/18 at Teal Bend and a tournament 8/20/18 at Dark Horse.  


Poker: Sir Doug Perry reported Poker meets Tuesdays and Fridays.


Model Airplanes: No report


Dining Out: Sir Kent MacDonald reported the next Dining Out will be at Strings, 5:30-7:30 PM September 19th. TBD.  


Day Trips: No report.


Fishing: Sir Walt Reno reported that Sir Chuck Novak represented Branch 37 on a trip to French Meadows and a trip is planned for September 24 - 28 to Lake Almanor.


Sunshine: Sir Tom Bowen sent a get-well card to Sir Chuck Vrooman #65 and a condolence card to the family of Sir William Rhyne #144.





Meeting Adjourned 09:42 AM.  

Doug Perry