SIR Branch 37

Sons in Retirement
Auburn, California



                     January 31, 2019



Officers:                                                                       Directors:

Big Sir, Dave Wheatley                                                Rich Johnson, 1 Yr.

Little Sir, Woody Shields                                              Kent MacDonald, 1 Yr.

Secretary, Doug Perry                                                  Paul Mc Daniel, 2 Yr.

Assistant Secretary, Tom Bowen                               Walt Reno, 2 Yr.         

Treasurer, Al Mattson        Absent                              Bill Gray, 3 Yr.                        

Assistant Treasurer, Kim Douglas         Absent      Cal Conley, 3 Yr.


CALL TO ORDER:  Sir Dave Wheatley at 8:30 AM.


INVOCATION:  Sir Tom Bowen

MINUTES: MSP to approve the November 29, 2018 minutes as submitted. Quorum established at 10.


TREASURERS REPORT: Sir Bill Gray reported a beginning December 2019 balance of $5,718.54,

a December audited balance of $3,468.91 and a January 2019 ending balance of $3,537.91. MSP


Additionally, Bill Gray reported that a successful annual audit of the year 2018 has been completed and the appropriate records sent to State.



Publicity: Sir Dave Wheatley reported that the usual suspects have been sent our schedule. Furthermore, the Auburn Journal is now showing our listing on Thursday, Sunday and Thursday again and we have a special ad in the Auburn Journal directed at potential new members. The ad lists Branch 37’s activities and February’s upcoming speaker. 


Membership Status: Sir Pete Politi reported there are two new members: Bart Petrini #21, Kent MacDonald sponsor and Al Lombardo #22, Sam Frazier sponsor. There was a decline of four members: two who passed away; Eugene ‘Smitty’ Smith #35 and Charles ‘Chuck” Hultberg and Bob Neman #75 (requested to be dropped) and Marvin Cornett #43 (resigned because of ongoing health reasons).


A temporary “Rules Committee” to address the new State rule changes was established in December with 6 members: Bill Gray, Pete Politi, Dave Wheatley, Kent MacDonald, Al Mattson and Doug Perry. Retroactive BEC approval was granted. Four committee recommendations were presented at this meeting with one; “Delete all inactive members from the Branch database” approved. After vigorous discussion, the remaining three recommendations were tabled for next month.


Emeritus Status: Sir Pete Polite recommended the addition of Charles Kinnison #131 to Emeritus Status. As a prior Little Sir and Big Sir, Emeritus Status was approved by the BEC.


Attendance: The January 3, 2019 luncheon had 93 members and 2 guests, total 95.


Absenteeism: Sir Pete Politi contacted Sir Marvin Cornett #43 and recommended he be dropped due to excessive absenteeism (8 in 12).


Bulletin: Sir Mike Moore had nothing to report.


Form 27: Membership added 2, subtracted 4, changed to 148.




Sir Dave Wheatley reported that the new Luncheon menu/price has been received without complaint so far.


Two State “Sir Days” - Golden Gate, March 29th and Giant’s/A’s, August 29th were passed onto Sir Kent MacDonald, Activity Coordinator for announcement to the members at the February luncheon. 


House Keeping Items:

The transfer of all appropriate records to new officers accomplished per Rule 204.


Branch 37’s will have the following nine activities for 2019: Bocce Ball, Computers & Technologies, Day Trips, Dining Out, Fishing, Golf (9 & 18 Holes), Poker, RC Model Airplanes and Travel.




Program:  Sir Jim Maneggie reports that the February speaker will be Officer Dan Lewis, pilot and Sargent Dunkin Jenkin, Commanding Officer, Auburn Highway Patrol Helicopter Squadron. March will be Mike Rogers, representative for the River Cats, April is Don Whitaker founder of Ceronix, Inc. and May is Keith Diederich from The Gathering Inn.


Computer Club: Sir Chuck Vrooman reported that former Sir, James Smith will be visiting and speaking on transferring videos to hard drives. 


Social Committee: Sir Doug Perry, Social Committee Chair reported that the December Holiday Luncheon-Ladies Invited event had a positive treasury impact of $116.88. 


Bocce Ball: Sir Bill Gray reported having 12 players of the 20 members at the Monday game.


Golf:  Sir Walt Reno reported there will be 25 tournaments in 2019, up from 9 last year! 


Poker: Sir Doug Perry reported Poker is alive and well. One member is complaining; he has had a full house beat by 4 queens and 4 aces beat by a club straight flush in his last two outings. Guess I would complain as well! Maybe even give up poker…. No Way!


Model Airplanes: No report


Dining Out: Sir Bill Gray has organized Lunch, March 21st at The Club Car in Auburn.


Day Trips: No report.


Fishing: Sir Walt Reno reported that the weather continues to curtail fishing excursions. Really?!


Sunshine: Sir Tom Bowen sent a get-well card to Sir Don Kurtz and Sir Warren Manley and three condolence cards to the families of Sir Eugene Smith, Sir Norm Ayers(an inactive Sir) and Sir  Charles Hultberg who have passed away.


Meeting Adjourned 09:40 AM.  

Doug Perry